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A little bit of history.

Ali used to help his father, Abdullah, at events providing Barcode Registration and Computerised Lucky Draw way back in 1997. The business was not doing too well and Abdullah was struggling to close deals.

While helping his father at an event, Ali saw a long queue at a "Shoot and Print" booth. Guests were not happy with the long waiting time to get their photos printed.

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"You can do better Dad."

In hopes to help his fathers' business and believing that he can definitely do better, Ali edged him to write software that would automatically overlay designs over photos with just a click. With Instant Photography being an upward trend back in 2009 and now a staple in the events industry, it was the best time to get into it.

With his father writing the software and Ali learning photography, PictureU was born.

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Since 2009, PictureU has been providing Instant Photography (a.k.a Shoot and Print) of unsurpassed speed and quality. PictureU pushed its boundaries by taking up huge events boasting over 3000 guests.

Printing over 5000 photos under 4 hours and providing 8 Barcode Registration Counters would not have been possible without PictureU's obsession with efficiency and automation.

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Ali eventually graduated from National University of Singapore, Bachelor in Computing (Computer Science) in 2014. Being familiar with the event services industry, he followed his father's footsteps and rebranded PictureU.

He began to develop Live Instagram Printing software which incorporates Face Detection, Smart Print-Load Distribution and Fully Automated Printing making Tagronauts probably the fastest Instant Printer in Singapore.

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With hundreds of events under our belt, ranging from roadshows to weddings to corporate dinners, you can be rest assured you will be in good hands.

Tagronauts has branched out to other services like Augmented Reality Photo-Booth, Videography, Barcode Registration and Electronic Lucky Draw.