How to choose an Instant Printer for your wedding

sad bride 7 questions you must ask before engaging instant printing vendor
11 May 2017

7 Questions to ask before engaging an Instant Printing vendor for your wedding

With so many vendors providing Instant Prints for events, it makes it difficult for anyone to even know how to choose.

1. How many printers do you bring?

If you are receiving only one printer, there might not be a backup should technology fail. Don’t take the chance, especially if its on your #wedding.

2. What type of printers do you use?

Printers can rage from Industry-grade Dye-Sublimation,to Inkjet to portable-thermal dye printers. You may want to avoid portable thermal dye printers as they take about 1 minute per photo.

Dye-Sublimation, Inkjet, Portable-Thermal Dye Printers

3. What is your print throughput?

Having 1 or 2 printers with print speeds of 7 seconds/print, does not equate to high print capacity.

You would not want to be paying hundred of dollars for a service that prints only 100-200 prints within the duration you engaged the service.

The printers should be fully utilized and to do so, the system should be fully automated. This leads us to the next question!

4. Is your system fully-automated?

An automated system does not require a person to manually overlay the print designs in a photo editing software and then printing the photos. Otherwise, it will slow down the entire printing process.

For example, if there are 50 pictures in queue, the person printing would have to manually click 50 times to print each photo.

Worse still, he/she would have to count how many people there are in the photo (assuming they print one copy per person in the photo).

This would mean the last-in-line, will probably end up waiting for some time.

It's your wedding and you wouldn't want your guests to wait a long time for something which is pretty much a simple printout.

5. Do you print one copy for each person in the photo?

Most services include unlimited printing. Do be careful if the prices are low as there might be limitations on printing. After all, you do want all your guests to bring back a memento of your wedding.

6. What sizes do you print?

Understand how the print outs will look like. Your guests will be receiving them. Most common print sizes are:

  • Mini-Wallet - printed as 2” x 6” strips, which are then folded to form a double sided 2” x 3” card
  • Wallet - 89mm x 54mm
  • Half-4R - 3" x 4"
  • 4R - 4" x 6"

7. Do you provide Instant Photography as well?

Tagronauts, as well as some other vendors provide Instant Photography and Photo-Booth services as well!

Having both Live Instagram Printing, as well as Instant Photography or Photo-Booth, you can cater to both the young and senior.

Try to get a package from the same vendor should you want both services for a more bang-for-buck. It would definitely be cheaper and less of a headache compared to engaging two different vendors.

I hope this helps you in choosing the right Instant Print service provider.